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Monday, 28 November 2011


Here are a few pics of the sales team getting the display ready for the Private View:

Monday, 31 October 2011

We like, we like to party

On Tuesday 25th October we hosted our All That Glitters IS Gold party at the Sunflower Lounge.
Tickets sold out for the night the day before and a lot of money had been raised through their sales. But would it still be a good party?!
Well, it was. We thought so anyway! We had a DJ, a cheap cheap bar, free shots of Sambuca and free bar snacks! Ummm!
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, some more than others it has to be said!
Anyway, take a look at these pictures and see what a good time everyone had:

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It's Jammin'

Our find raising is going brilliantly! We've had even more cake sales and on Tuesday we had a Home Made Jam Sale. The anuty of Pickle's Esther Horsfield donated a large batch of home made jams and jellies for us to sell to raise money for the company. They sold oh-so-well! So thanks 'Esther's Aunt' for your generous contribution to Pickle!


Last Friday the group had arranged to have a critique of each others' work to check on what stage people were at and that they were on the right track. A few of us were a little stuck on what direction we wanted to take our development now, but with help from the other Pickle members and our Artist In Residence Stephanie Arm, we had new ideas on 3D experimentation, materials and concepts.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Opening Night

The sales team had been looking into venues for our opening night. They visited various sights and gave a presentation to the rest of the company on their top 3. The company then took a vote on their favourite venue which led to an almost unanimous decision.
Our choices were:
-The Drop Forge resturant/bar in the jewellery quarter
-St Paul's Gallery, also located in the jewellery quarter
and the Custard Factory, located in Digbeth and know for vintage/boutique fashion
The group felt that the Custard Factory was too far away to attract a lot of interest. We wanted somewhere close to School and close to the people in the jewellery quarter that we were hoping would come along. The site was also very expensive to hire which put a lot of us off.
St Paul's Gallery was free for us to use but, as it's an art gallery with permanent pieces, our work would be displayed alongside the work of other artists/designers.
The Drop Forge was a clear favourite for most people. It was free, has a beautiful space and would enable us to have a fun and vibrant atmosphere as it's a bar! As well as being an opportunity to sell our work, our opening night will be a celebration of our companies hard work all paying off.
We're still going to have St Paul's Gallery as a selling venue but had to rule out the Custard Factory because of the price.

Check out The Drop Forge

And the winners are....

Congratulations to Sam from BA3 who guessed how many sweets were in the jar and to Pippa from ED who won our raffle and won the lovely hamper of organic, home grown veg donated by the parents of Pickle's very own Alice Clarke. She also won herself £5! Not bad eh?
Thanks to everyone that took part. You helped us to raise a LOT of money to fund our company!